Photos of Dawit Isaak

This page contains photos of Dawit Isaak, the Swedish-Eritrean journalist and playwright who has been a prisoner of conscience in Eritrea since September 23, 2001.

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Dawit Isaak (standing, middle) together with Eritrean and Norwegian playwrights. Picture taken on the roof of the Ministry of Education in Asmara, Eritrea, during a playwrights' workshop in september 1999. Photo: Karl Hoff.
Photo: Karl Hoff
Dawit Isaak in an interview with TV Rahwa, August 2001. Photo: TV Rahwa.
Dawit Isaak on rail-cycle hike with colleagues in Värmland, Sweden,
Dawit Isaak portrait. Photo: ?
Journalists Dawit Isaak (first right) and Fessehaye "Joshua" Yohannes (second right) and others with Isaias Afeworki (third right), president of Eritrea. Foto: ?
Dawit Isaak with colleagues, 1995.