Up to 28 29 30 34 PhD positions in political science, peace & development studies, etc [updated]

It’s PhD application season! Universities in Sweden are currently recruiting PhD students in political science and related disciplines and subjects. Up to 28 29 30 positions are to be filled.

At Swedish universities, most doctoral studentships are fully funded and salaried four year appointments which include full regular employment benefits. PhD students are usually expected to devote most of their time to writing their dissertation, but may engage in teaching up to 20 per cent of a full-time position, in which case the appointment is extended by the equivalent time.

Here are a number of open calls for applications at Swedish Universities. Please note that if you have any questions, see each separate call for information about whom to contact (I cannot answer your questions).

Karlstad University

Uppsala University

Malmö University

University of Gothenburg

Closing date: 6 February, 2018:

UPDATED! Closing date: 18 February, 2018:

UPDATED! Closing date: 6 February, 2018:

Stockholm University

Closing date: February 6, 2018:

Lund University

Closing date: 6 February, 2018:

Closing date: 19 February 2018:

UPDATED: Södertörn University

Closing date: 12 February 2018

Closing date: 15 February 2018

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